Mechanism out for free on Game Jolt

Mechanism: a weird arcade game for controllers where you can roll a ball whenever it's touching white surfaces.
18th May, 2016

Grapple beta!

Come join the Grapple beta for Android and share your feedback!
30th Apr, 2016

Lighting and a git repository

15th May, 2015

Unity voxel block tutorial pt. 8

In this part we make some performance changes, add caves and add trees.
4th Apr, 2015

Unity voxel block tutorial pt. 6

We add some shape to our voxel terrain using simplex noise to make it look more realistic and interesting.
24th Jan, 2015

Unity voxel block tutorial pt. 4

Getting the location of a block from a raycast and destroy or create blocks!
6th Jan, 2015

Unity voxel block tutorial pt. 2

Welcome back! Last time we made functions to set up the mesh with vertices and triangles. In this part we'll add textures and collision meshed to our blocks.
26th Dec, 2014

Unity voxel block tutorial pt. 1

I've done a voxel tutorial before that got a lot of attention and I figured it might be time for a second version that's a bit more advanced and more extendible.
8th Dec, 2014

Grapple 5.0.1

All the level and physics code redone, animations and rope rendering are disabled until I rewrite them as well.
3rd Dec, 2014

Icon fonts for unity

This is a neat tip for getting lots of icons in unity at a small file size learned from web development.
30th Apr, 2016

Texture index

Some pretty big changes regarding textures and how they're implemented.
6th Jul, 2015

Unity Voxel Tutorial Licencing

Licencing information.
12th Apr, 2015

Unity voxel block tutorial pt. 7

Loading chunks around the player and deleting chunks to far away.
8th Feb, 2015

Unity voxel block tutorial pt. 5

Now we'll take a look at saving and loading block data for creating a persistent world and look at some ways to optimise our save files.
11th Jan, 2015

Unity voxel block tutorial pt. 3

Once again welcome to the voxel block tutorial, this time we're going to expand to multiple chunks and the system to handle infinite terrain.
29th Dec, 2014

Grapple 5.0.4

Added rendering to the rope, support for tutorial levels and visual changes to the sky maps!
16th Dec, 2014

The bug that makes the game

I fixed a lot of bugs rewriting Grapple's code but there's one that I had to add back because Grapple is unplayable without it. In fact without this bug I don't think grapple would ever have been half as fun as it is.
4th Dec, 2014