Icon fonts for unity

This is a neat tip for getting lots of icons in unity at a small file size learned from web development.What you do is pack all the icons you want to use into a font so that you can include the icon in your scene or your ui as text.There are a number of services for building icon fonts but I like IcoMoon's offerings of free and paid icon sets and their easy to use app.

Start at where you can immediately select from their free icons which you want to include in your set. [image]../../images/icons/1.png[/image]

Then click "generate font" in the bottom right. [image]../../images/icons/2.png[/image]

On this page you can select which characters the icons will replace. be default they are character icons that won't display in the editor field but you can still copy and paste them if you want. I replace them with easy to use letters. [image]../../images/icons/3.png[/image]

Then click download to get a zip file with all the files you need. [image]../../images/icons/4.png[/image]

I recommend keeping the files somewhere safe so you have a reference for which character maps to which icon but all you need in Unity is the .ttf file in the downloaded zip's fonts folder. Place that in your project's asset folder. [image]../../images/icons/5.png[/image]

To use it create a text object, put the character you chose for the icon in the text field and select your new font. [image]../../images/icons/6.png[/image]

And there you have it, tons of free icons you can package and use in your project and even more great looking icons you can get for cheap.Make sure you check out the other free icon packs at to find some that suit your project.

30th Apr, 2016