Lighting and a git repository

So I've been busy working on some voxel lighting that's fast enough to run with chunk updates. What I have so far is functional but takes twice as long to run as a chunk update. It looks nice but editing the terrain is now jittery and loading chunks is either too slow or drops the frame rate.

Meanwhile I've also taken my personal voxel system and put it on GitHub and I'be going to make it and my progress with it public. It's pretty different from the tutorial because I've been doing things for performance and adding features which I didn't feel like explaining in detail.

Anyway take a look here and feel free to fork, clone and pull request:

15th May, 2015


Awesome! Thanks for doing this -- I'll certainly be hacking around with it :)
2 years ago
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Was wondering if you had plans to include possible biome functionality at any point? I've been thinking on the ways of adding it in but the only way previously I've done voxel style terrain in Unity the biomes weren't to my satisfaction (I want to say, have the player class know what biome it's on/biome unique weathering similar to Minecraft). Would be awesome if you had any plans to include even the basic functionality.
2 years ago
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